medical transcription
medical transcription
About the Author Medical Transcription at Home

I was motivated to write the book because of many friends and
acquaintances asking for specific information about the
medical transcription profession. They were also intrigued that
I can work out of my home with very little expense and make a
great salary!  I have been in transcription now for 15 years.

I am married, and have two children ages 30 and 25.  I live in
eastern Kansas and was born in this state.  I enjoy crafting,
home decorating, computers, and of course, medical

I sincerely hope this book will help you achieve your dream of
working out of your home at a job you love in medical

Best wishes to you and if I can help, let me know.

Diana Owen, Medical Transcriptionist

medical transcription
Medical Transcription
at Home
About the
Your keys to changing your
lifestyle and increasing
your income!
medical transcription at home
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