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In my experience many people say that they want to work from
home, but they actually have no clue what such a statement
entails.  Many people are laboring under the delusion that it's
easy to work from home, and I don't think delusion is too harsh a
word.  If it were easy to work from home, why wouldn't everyone
that you know be doing it?

I'm not bringing up these points to be a pessimist; I'm simply
trying to let you know some of what you're in for.  Making a living
from a home business isn't as simple and easy as many people
out there would have you believe.  All of the people or
companies that are claiming that it's simple and easy are just
trying to take your money.  Like anything else of value in this
world, making your living from a home business takes work.  
You're going to have to learn to do things differently than you've
ever done things before.  If this weren't the case you could
simply continue down your current path and succeed, but my
guess is if you're reading an article like this you're current path
isn't working so well.  So if you want to successfully make
money from a home business you're going to

have to do some things that you aren't accustomed to doing.  
You know the old saying, "If you continue to do what you've
always done, you'll continue to get what you've always got."

If this is making sense, then take another piece of advice.  
Whatever you're going to do to make a living from home, make
sure that you enjoy it.  Doing something simply for the promise
of riches is a sure fire way to failure.  You have to believe in
whatever it is that you're doing or trying to help people do.  It's
as simple as that.

The bottom line is that making a living from home isn't
necessarily for everyone.  It isn't waking up at noon and rolling
over to your computer to check your emails followed by making
a telephone call or two.  Then sitting back and counting your
money.  This simply isn't the case, and I want to help save you a
ton of frustration by realizing the reality before you even begin.  
This way maybe you won't become so disillusioned that you
give up forever.

Now that I've laid out what working at home isn't, let me say that
if it's still something that you want to pursue, it is possible.  It's
just not as simple and easy as you may have been led to
believe, that's all.  It's going to take work, but if you're still
reading this, you must

be okay with that.  Remember what Napoleon Hill said and you'll

be fine, "Effort only fully releases its reward after a person
refuses to quit." If nothing else, that quote will serve you well.

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Think You Want To Work From Home?  
You May Want To Think Again.

By Trevor Kugler
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