Do you have to have
Experience as a Medical
Transcriptionist to get hired
to work from home?
By Diana Owen
This is covered in my book which can be purchased at Medical
Transcription at Home.  I also give advice on how to get started with
your purchase.
However, the answer is yes and no.  Most companies require at least one
year of experience to work from home, but there are always exceptions to
the rule.  You can go to and check out all the numerous
companies to see if you can get in on a training program.  Of course, usually
they would want you to take a course, of which they would recommend.  
There are so many courses out there, the employer would be able to
recommend one for you that they accept.  Some of these schools. help you
get hired after completion.  

You can also go the on-the-job training at a local hospital in your area, which
is what most companies like, but anyone knows that is not always possible.  

My advice is to be persistent and check around for companies online who do
take trainees.  If you have excellent grammar, keyboarding, and work ethics
you just never know.  

If you decide medical transcription isn't for you, check out my
work at home
job fair site for more ideas.  

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