Medical Transcription at Home as an Employee  
             Versus Your Own Business

There is a lot on the internet about starting your own
medical transcription business and that is a wonderful idea!  
But did you know you can work from home as an employee
just as if you worked in a hospital or doctor's office?  You
can move anywhere and take your job with you.

When starting a medical transcription business, you would
need to contact doctors and hospitals to retain them as
clients.  This is why being an employee is so attractive.  It is
sometimes difficult to get your own clients if you live in
smaller cities or rural areas.  There usually isn't much
employment at all in rural and smaller areas, let alone clinics
or hospitals to find the work.  Many people have to commute
a good distance to find work, which is costly, considering
gas prices, clothing, meals, child care, etc.    

If you are an experienced transcriptionist and generally have
around one to two years experience, you could be hired by
the many companies in the United States that will provide
the work for you.  Many of these companies have health
insurance, 401K, life insurance, paid time off, life insurance
and other benefits.  You can also work part time, less than
40 hours a week and still get some benefits.  

Another advantage is if you move anywhere you can take
your job with you and that truly is a luxury.  Although the pay is
somewhat less than it would be if you had your own
business, you can make a good living from transcription at
home with a company providing you the transcription work
and avoid all the headaches of self employment taxes,
paying for your own benefits, etc., that come with starting
your own transcription business.  

Working from home as an employee is a very good option,
when starting your own business is not feasible because of
your location and when the extra mounds of work of running
a business comes into play.  

Diana Owen, Medical Transcriptionist
Working at Home as an Employee Versus Starting your Own
Medical Transcription Business